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During the 12 years of experience we have implemented hundred of projects to different customers in Puerto Rico and Dominican Republic. We have worked directly as direct vendor or as subcontractors for most of the most prestigious companies in the chemical process area.

Implemented Applications

During our 12 years of experience dedicated to the implementation of industrial solutions we have implemented different project in different process area. To mention some of the applications we have work with:

Utilities Automation and Control Optimization
Boiler Control
Chillers Automation
Air Compressors Sequence
Softeners, Reverse Osmosis and other water treatment
Cooling Tower Control
Waste Water Treatment Plants
Neutralization Control
Effluent Monitoring and Alarm
Potable Water Systems
Chlorination control
Potable water distribution control
Bulk Chemical Batch Configuration
Bulk Additions
Solvent Dilutions
Tank Farm Control
Inventory control
Transference to production reactors
Transference safety interlocks
Environmental Parameter Monitoring
Sampling system for stack monitoring
HVAC Control Systems
Temperature Control
Relative Humidity Control
Differential Pressure Alarm System
Access Door Interlock Systems
Combustible Gas Loading Racks
Granulation Systems
Aerosols Production Lines
Active ingredient loading control
Valve functionality testing

Validated Applications

Vision System
Labeling Application Systems
Aerosols Valve Testing Systems
Environmental Monitoring Systems
Bar Code Systems
HVAC Systems
USP Water Systems
Laboratory equipment


Process Controllers

Batch Process Sequences



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